From the Project Room: A Great Place to Live? Who's Asking?

Urbanists Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy join curator architect Sabrina Cegla for an online conversation about the exhibition A Great Place to Live? Opened last month in the Projects Room, it raises questions about the social, economic, and political aspects of the White City and Tel Aviv-Yafo, aiming to offer public access to a dialogue that usually remains an insider activity of planning officials. The project invites visitors to participate in an active attempt to decode the nature of the White City, by asking who is it for and is it a great place to live. We also discuss the term Livable Urbanism and its contemporary applications. An underpinning of the exhibition, it became a mechanism to promote and rank urban spaces around the world.

Paul Kearns is a town planner, author, university lecturer, and journalist. Motti Ruimy is an architect, interdisciplinary artist, and author. The two have been collaborating for over a decade, creating large-scale art installations in Israel and abroad, and published two books: Redrawing Dublin (2010) and Seamless Neighborhood - Redrawing the City of Israel (2018). In their artistic activities, which can be described as Action Urbanism, they engage in playful and humorous composition and synthesis of urban policy and public art.

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Free admission / Zoom Meeting ID: 81387161338

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