From the Research Lab: Ramat Aviv Alfa / Online Lecture with Arch. Eran Wexler

The town mouse or the country mouse? A common hedgehog or a desert hedgehog? Why choose when we can have both.

During the economic crisis and housing shortage of the 1950s, the founding generation prototyped a different model of urbanism: The 15-Minute City - a Kibbutz-like, eco-friendly, and diverse communal neighborhood.
How can we both develop and protect this duality? Arch. Eran Wexler discusses the challenges, the latest plans, and the lessons we can learn from Ramat Aviv Alef.

In other words, where is the Kibbutz heading?

Arch. Eran Wexler is a Senior planer at the Northern team of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Planning Department.

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