From the Research Lab: The Levantine City - Online Lecture by Dr. Arch. Tzafrir Fainholtz

The research presented in this lecture (The Levantine City: The Presence of Mizrahi, French-speaking Architects and Mediterranean Architecture in Tel Aviv in the 1930s and 1940s) tells the story of Mizrahi and local architects, graduates of French architecture schools, and their contribution to the legacy of modernist architecture in Tel Aviv while offering a different reading of it, one that goes beyond the Bauhaus to adopt a broader perspective of French-colonial modernism in the Levant and North Africa.

Dr. Arch. Tzafrir Fainholtz is a fellow at the Israeli Institute for Advanced Studies in Jerusalem and teaches at the Technion, IDC Herzliya, and the Western Galilee College.

The Liebling Haus’ Research Lab, a collaboration with the Conservation Department of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, is dedicated to the research of urban space and promotes urban, historical, and cultural studies. Our premise is that Tel Aviv-Jaffa, like any city, is more than the total sum of its buildings - it is a diverse ensemble of interacting elements and communities.
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