From the Research Lab: Dani Karavan in an Online Talk

The Research Lab hosts sculptor, set designer, and painter, Israel Prize laureate Danny Karavan for an online conversation about his extensive career and unique way of looking at Tel Aviv, his hometown: “Today, as I walk through the streets of Tel Aviv and examine house after house, even though time has not been kind to them, I realize how much beauty surrounded us. We were able to take in the proportions, the forms flowing from straight walls to round ones, the railings of the balconies that correspond with the shape of the windows, and the glass strips illuminating the stairwells. Such attention to every little detail; what a marvelous school! I now know that it left an impression on me. I was influenced by what I’ve seen and felt without understanding it at the time. All these forms became a part of my artistic language, which I apply in Israel and around the world.” The conversation will be live-streamed on our Facebook Page and via Zoom.

The Liebling Haus Research Lab, a collaboration with the Conservation Department of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, is dedicated to the research of urban space and promotes urban, historical, and cultural studies. Our premise is that Tel Aviv-Jaffa, like any city, is more than the total sum of its buildings - it is a diverse ensemble of interacting elements and communities.
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