Postponed: From the Research Lab: Eastward Brutalism

The recently completed Yehudit bridge has made the east side of the city closer than ever. The eastern neighborhoods offer a chance to have a fascinating discussion about the brutalist style, the architecture of exposed concrete. This style is visible in familiar structures - such as the former Sports Palace at Yad Eliyahu (aka Menora Mivtachim Arena), Ort Singalovski, and the La Guardia housing estates - currently experiencing transformations.

During the event, we will explore the brutalist style, and discuss the physical and cultural values ​​characterizing the eastern neighborhoods while referencing the conservation and development processes in the area. Participants include architect Hadas Nevo-Goldberst, and architects and members of the Town Planning Division of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. The discussion is also based on the study featured by architects Jeremie Hoffmann and Hadas Nevo-Goldberst in their book, Aphoria – Architecture of Independence: The Brutalist Style in Tel Aviv-Yafo 1948-1977 (published by the Technion).

The event is part of a monthly series featuring the Conservation Department’s research, celebrating the opening of the City Planning Lounge at the Liebling Haus Research Lab. Plans prepared by the Engineering Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipally will be presented in the lounge, starting with the Israel Electric Company complex project in the east of the city, consisting of brutalist building and new construction.
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Liebling Haus
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