From the Research Lab: The Human Shelter / Film and Online Talk

Content director of the Liebling Haus Sharon Golan-Yaron talks to Boris Benjamin Bertram, director of the Film The Human Shelter, and Inbal Egoz, artist, activist, and founder of Power to the Community, about the broadest context of Home, focusing on refugee shelters. While the film features examples worldwide, we discuss southern Tel Aviv, also exploring Stockholm-based Better Shelter, a company that builds refugee shelters using cutting-edge construction technologies.
The lecture and the film screening are part of Liebling Haus’ collaboration with Epos - the International Art Film Festival.

The film will be available online for 48 hours only, from Sunday at 20:00 to Tuesday at 20:00. We recommend watching it before the talk. Link to the trailer:

The Human Shelter: An Expedition Into What Makes A Home begins with a journey to the snowy steppes of Norway, visiting a man who spent his entire life at Home - a trailer in the middle of the wilderness. Four continents and 18 months later, the director successfully concludes a film about this thing we call Home. He seems to thoughtfully shift from one extreme to another, demonstrating how the concept of Home is both universal and personal: some are forced to call a cardboard hut in a refugee camp their Home; others choose to live on a remote island, simulating the experience of life on Mars; one dreamed of living in a treehouse and found Home in the branches. Moving from one habitat to another - a museum in NYC to a tent in the desert - evokes empathy, awe, and a range of intermediate feelings, raising the question, What makes somewhere Home?

Director and producer: Boris Benjamin Bertram | Denmark, 2018 | 57 minutes | English with Hebrew subtitles
Photo: from the film
Date & Time
4/26/21, 5:00 PM
40 ILS

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