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Pink Coat, Yellow Coat: Performative Tour, by Rotem Volk (Tel Aviv) and Alisa Oleva (London)

What do we think about when we walk in a place where we have never been before? How do we feel when walking along the streets we know so well? What is it that makes us feel at home? can we feel alien and insecure in very familiar places familiar? Which private, collective, political and social memories and events shape the ways in which we experience the environment? In what ways does our body join and leave the buildings surrounding us? What is the difference between walking alone and walking together? Pink Coat – Yellow Coat is a public participation performance-tour that invites you on a trip in the public spaces of two cities: Tel Aviv and London. It offers an opportunity to wear a colorful raincoat and embark on an intimate urban walk with a set of earphones; to gaze at the familiar and unfamiliar urban environment from a fresh viewpoint and to think about the personal and fragile relations with the city. Two artists, Rotem Volk (Tel Aviv) and Alisa Oleva (London) – Rotem in a yellow coat, Alisa in a pink coat, will lead the parallel wandering and present two viewpoints on the urban environment: one live and local in the form of a walk in Tel Aviv, the other virtual – through the earphones that bring sounds from London. These seemingly separate viewpoints of two different and far away places have more in common than we would think. After almost two years of actual and virtual lockdown the time has come to go out into our cities, together and alone, to take a new look at the connections between people and their environs, to experience change.

The number of participants is limited; Activity in Hebrew and English.
Meeting place: Bialik Square, Tel Aviv
*The work includes walking outdoors, comfortable walking shoes advisable.

The project is supported by the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts;
a grant from MATAM Center for Experimental Theater – a collaboration with the Rabinovitch Foundation for Arts Tel Aviv and the Recanati Foundation
Date & Time
3/26/22, 10:00 AM
Liebling haus
20 ILS

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