The School of the City Conference – Nevertheless and / Despite Everything First Event: What is Pedagogy?

Encounters taking place simultaneously at the Liebling Haus, throughout its rooms and corridors.

During the month of May, due to the circumstances imposed by the measures of social distancing, we had to rethink the concept of a conference– at a time when physical meetings are not possible.
Out of those circumstances, a new format was born.
We’ve sent 40 chairs from designer Yaakov Kaufman’s collection to 40 invited participants, for a month-long period. We invited each of them to sit on the chair, and embark on a journey of learning and research; each with their interests, preoccupations and methodologies. To undergo a personal trajectory in their own homes, while being connected through an invisible network to all other conference participants.

Now, we are thrilled to invite you to the first physical gathering. On thursday, June 18th, the 40 conference participants will gather and return their chairs to the Liebling Haus. During this evening, the public is invited to move through the building in small groups, encountering the participants for short meetings – in which they will present themselves and their activities during this month.

Participants: Malki Tesler, Adva Weinstein, Paz Ponce, Rotem Volk, Yasmin Steinmetz, David Lockard, Shira Levy Benyemini, Mai Aylon, Oded Webman, Eldad Prywes, Bili Regev, Shir Moran, Haim Hakimyan, Anat Levy, Shani Tamari, Hila Cohen Schneiderman, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Itamar Banai, Dana Mor, Liran Shapiro, Alisa Oleva, Mai Omer, Maya Felixbrodt, Sharon Golan Yaron, Roni Raviv, Naama Bar-Or, Or Hertz, Shay Persil, Sabrina Cegla, Tal Alperstein, Kineret Haya Max, Or Haklai, Galina Arbeli, Noa Schwartz Lev Har, Alma Eliaz, Gal Levinson, Eiv Kristal, Omri Livne.

What is Pedagogy? In ancient Greece, the pedagogue was a slave who accompanied his masters’ child to school, his guide. We observe this image and extract from it an idea: learning takes place in and by our movement in the city.
We've assimilated the idea that learning is an activity which takes place in a class, in a school. We want to rethink learning as a state of mind, available to us any time and at any place. Learning as a matter of attention, intention and conditions.

More about the conference in our website:

Curation: Eran Eizenhamer, Maayan Mozes and Ana Wild
Image: Nurit Agozi.
Date & Time
6/18/20, 4:00 PM
Liebling Haus
Free admission
No pre-registration required

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