A great place to live?


The project room focuses on the question “What is the White City?” inviting creatives from different disciplines to take an active part in the investigation, interpretation, and critique of the concept. The room serves as a platform for alternative, open, and dynamic research and discussion.

#02 A Great Place to Live?
Paul Kearns and Moti Ruimy
Curator: Arch. Sabrina Cegla

Opening Reception Thursday, 2/7/2020, 19:00

In the second exhibition at the Project Room, urbanists Paul Kearns and Moti Ruimy answer the question: What is the White City? with another question: The White City, a great place to live?
Kearns and Ruimy explore the White City from within the city, and the bird’s-eye view of spatial and demographic data. Alongside recognizable urban elements like a landscape of air conditioners, the beach sand, and the Tel Avivian balcony, they turn the spotlight on the intangible aspects that shape life in the White City: property prices, visible and transparent boundaries, and population density. All these are examined in comparison to the rest of Tel Aviv, Israel, and other international cities.
Interweaving the practices of wandering the city streets with mapping data, they extract from the everyday and “dry” numbers questions about the reality of this place. By using the familiar atmosphere of a living room, Kearns and Ruimy wish to bring the public into a conversation that often remains between planners, and take an active part in the attempt to decode what is the White City? Who is it for? And is it a great place to live?

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