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29.09.2022 - 27.05.2023

Artists: Ohad Kabri, Meital Katz Minerbo, Alit Kreiz, Lila Chitayat, Alon Sarig
Curators: Anat Levy, Shira Levy Benyemini

The notion of home is among our most cherished. Multifaceted and universal, it is also personal and intimate. Most city homes are apartment which together with other box-apartments become a building. Although most of the world’s population now live in cities and buildings, the building has remained a functional and practical concept – an efficient solution for arranging the urban residential system. What turns a building into a home?
The exhibition Home.Building seeks to expand the concept of the building and to approach it as a phenomenon akin to our natural perception of the home. This renewed attitude toward the building, its residents and surroundings, presents an opportunity for new relations, variety and abundance that form an entire ecosystem; a significant urban unit whose duplication structures the urban habitat. This group exhibition is the outcome of the HaDira residency at Liebling Haus that accompanied the urban program, Home.Building, which took place in residential buildings in the city. In their attempts to broaden the term building, the creators found themselves moving initially through their own personal-domestic dimension, both by examining their residential spaces and by examining and discovering the Libeling Haus residency apartment, where they interacted and worked for several months. The residency period that preceded the work on the exhibition, included various techniques of contemplation and documentation of the building from different aspects: its physical properties, questions about its private and shared spaces, meetings with its residents and group study of central themes – sustainability as lifestyle, artistic activism and the notion of urban living.
Taken together, these experiences form a dense body of knowledge on the entity of the building, with which each artist developed a relationship expressed in the works on display. Lila Chitayat and Alit Kreiz turn their attention to neighbors and neighbor relations and to the meaning of the spaces between buildings; Alon Sarig documents the course of the life of the building and its residents by building a doll house through which life is created and explained; Meital Katz Minerbo treats her creature, at once seemingly animate and inanimate, as a historical layer of the spirit and culture that accompanies the building since its construction; Acting like an archeologist, Ohad Kabri examines random objects found in the building from which he excavates stories about the people who lived in them, their relationships and beliefs.
We hope that viewers will leave the exhibition with new viewpoints on the building as a significant living space that is part and parcel of our understanding of urban living. The renewed look at the space that defines the appearance of our streets, the public space closest to our homes, is an opportunity to reshape it in a way that meets our needs and allows for quality urban life.

The Home.Building program is a cooperation between Liebling Haus and the Environment and Sustainability Authority. It sets out to reexamine the notion of the residential building and different ways to develop and create a shared space and a sustainable environment for residents.
Program director: Anat Levy
Environment and Sustainability Authority partner: Anat Ehud
Artistic direction and curator: Shira Levy Benyemini
Research: Dana Mor

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