school of the city conference Nevertheless & despite everything


Nevertheless and despite everything, the first School of the City Conference is underway.

If the first School of the City Conference were to open in April, as planned, participants would have been sitting together in one apartment on forty folding chairs from the private collection of Yaacov Kaufman, one of Israel’s leading designers. This week, per the Ministry of Health guidelines, we sent the chairs to forty conference guests for a month. The chair connects the sitter to the network, to the collection, inviting them to share ideas and thoughts. The conference will be held in September - more details at the confrence website:

Picture: Omri Livne, Self Portrait on a folding Chair, 2020.

About the collection: In the last 30 years, designer Yaakov Kaufman has been collecting dozens of foldable chairs. The collection served him as learning aids in his course of foldable-chairs design.

A foldable chair has several desired properties: it should be light, transportable, its folding mechanism should be effective and efficient. It should be easily taken outdoors, taken out for seating guests, folded and conveniently stored afterwards. The design of the chair should answer those requirements, without missing on a chairs most basic requirement: being comfortable.

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