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120 minutes
Max & Tony Workshop at the Liebling Haus
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Illustrations: Rachel Kinrot

Bauhaus Original for the Whole Family

Illustrations: Rachel Kinrot

Bauhaus Original for the Whole Family

Photo: Yael Schmidt

An active tour of the White City

Purim at Max&Tony Studio: Paper Costume Workshop

We’re celebrating Purim with a paper costume workshop in the spirit of the grand costume parties of the Bauhaus School! Kids and adults can join a one-time activity, where we prepare geometric costumes using nothing but paper and cardboard. We finish off by wearing our handmade outfits and parading across Bialik Square.

The students of the Bauhaus School devoted their time to more than just design and architecture studies - they also organized wild, extravagant costume parties! They designed and created the impressive costumes themselves in the school's workshops, directed by artist and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer. What began as a series of improvised events later grew into large-scale productions, featuring stage sets and sound - all done by these talented students.

A project of the Berlin-based group Bauhaus Form Gymnastic: Marcus Nebe, Lena Held, and Timo Herbst.
Instructors: Dancer and choreographer Gal Levinson and Rotem Volk of the School of the City.
Duration: 2 hours (participants can't join mid-session).
Please come dressed in white.

Image: Bauhaus Form Gymnastic in Liebling Haus, September 2019, Tel Aviv–Yafo.

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