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Go to Town: Eastern Light

Meet town planners who talk about the latest topics on their agenda. This time we get a rare chance to visit the Israel Electric Corporation’s technical center on the eastern edge of town: an unusual large-scale complex on Yona Krementsky street.
The complex will feature intense mixed-use, incorporating new residential, office, and commercial spaces, alongside existing buildings, such as a brutalist office building and a warehouse that will function as a temporary communal space until allocating it to a specific public use. What does “temporary” mean? Is there an urban conservation plan for the east of Tel Aviv? What plan guides the city’s emerging business center, developing along the Ayalon? Architects Liora Hoffman Sheftler and Yoav Zilberdrick of the Engineering Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality discuss conservation and development processes in the area and present the plan for the IEC’s complex, its values, ​​and goals.

Go to Town is a series of walking tours, each focusing on a different neighborhood or area as a case study of contemporary issues in urban planning and development. The tours are guided by architects, consultants, planners, and experts of the Engineering Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality.

Availability is limited - sign up in advance to secure your place. Present an ID or a driver’s license before entering the complex.
Date & Time
2/27/20, 12:15 PM
90 minutes
Meeting Point
Kremenetski 14, next to Lachmanina cafe
End Point
30 ILS

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