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Thinking by Doing

Workshops for Kids

We are all creative in our way, and each of us can make - paintings, sculptures, models, clothes, and lots of other things. We believe that every one of us is capable of problem-solving and critical thought, and encourage Thinking by Doing. Our art, design, architecture, and crafts classes take place in our workshop, as well as around the city: we will go on walking tours, suggest new ideas, and build things ourselves - alone or in groups. A final group exhibition will feature the works created during the course.

Our courses emphasize creativity, flexibility, improvisation, dialogue, teamwork, individual analysis, and resolution, designed to enable participants to observe and influence urban spaces. While most activities take place at the studio, we are inspired by the city and go out to explore the neighborhood and the city.

Workshops and classes include hands-on work with various tools and materials as part of the design and production process, as well as a focus on our sensory experience in the city through performance.


The courses we will offer beginning in January 2020: performance, young architects, art, felting, weaving, DIY, Living in the City, construction, design, and gardening.

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