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Exercising Modernity in Gdynia

The Pilecki Institute in Warsaw and the Gdynia City Museum organized a joint project of Poland-Germany-Israel. The project, with participants from the fields of architecture, design, curation, and art theory, explored various aspects of modernity through lectures, workshops, and tours in Gdynia.

Shira Benyemini, Director of the White City Center, presented the Center and the Liebling Project as facilitators of a broader perspective on conservation and modernism. Sabrina Cegla and the curator of the Gdynia Museum, Agata Abramovich, held a workshop on spontaneous heritage preservation - private initiatives dedicated to preserving the personal stories of buildings. During the workshop, we visited the Mini Muzeum Bankowiec: a "model apartment" that a resident of a 1930s residential project had created in her basement. The unique museum exhibits furniture and items that other neighbors threw after moving or renovating, as a way to preserve the lifestyle in the building while creating a new atmosphere and values. During the visit, we participated in a restoration workshop of a door and window, both layered with history, led by an engineer who donates his time to save apartments and historical items; we explored the streets of Gdynia and spent our time talking, dreaming, and breathing modernism.

We are grateful to the Pilecki Institute and the Gdynia Museum for this fascinating experience - @ Aleksandra Jenus, Agata Abramovich ...see you at the second part in Bernau.

Photo - Grzegorz KarkoszkaIs

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