The White City Center (WCC) was co-founded by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and the German government at a historical and cultural crossroad in the heart of Tel Aviv. The WCC's mission is to actively preserve the heritage of the White City site and the international style, known in Israel as the Bauhaus.

In 2003, UNESCO declared the White City zone in Tel Aviv as a unique World Heritage Site of the modern movement. The White City Center was founded in an effort to advance the recognition of the outstanding architectural landscape of Tel Aviv, with its collection of over 4,000 buildings built in the international style; an unparalleled global phenomenon.

The White City Center operates at the Liebling Haus on 29 Idelson Street, one of a series of historic buildings erected around Bialik Square, in the area that was once the beating heart of Tel Aviv. Built by Tony and Max Liebling in 1936, it was designed by architect Dov Karmi and engineer Tzvi Barak with distinctive characteristics of the international style; entirely different from the decorated home of poet Haim Nachman Bialik, located around the corner.

The Liebling Haus Team

Director & CEO: Shira Levy-Benyemini 

Program Director: Arch. Sharon Golan-Yaron 

Curator: Arch. Sabrina Cegla 

Director & Curator of the School of the City: Arch. Eran Eizenhamer 

Producer of the School of the City: Efrat Kedem 

Head of the Research Lab: Dr. Rachel Gottesman 

Administrative Manager: Vered Salem 

Marketing & Advertising Manager: Moran Shambar 

Graphic Designer: Efrat Goldmann

Research, Mapping & Analyzing GIS: Yarden Diskin

Photographer: Yael Schmidt

Content Editor: Riky Cohen

Translator: Ronny Shani

Responsible for the project on behalf of the municipality: Dr. Arch. Jeremie Hoffmann, Head of the conservation department at Tel Aviv Municipality. 


German Team

Clemens Haury, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI)

Project Manager: Ellen Kugler, Federal Construction Agency Rhineland-Palatinate

Advisor: Ulrike Rose on behalf of the Federal Construction Agency

Renovation‭ ‬&‭ ‬Conservation‭ ‬


Project management‭ - ‬Tel Aviv Foundation‭: ‬Shlomo Dagan‭ 

‬Project Architect‭: ‬Arch‭. ‬Rivka Karmi‭, ‬Ada Karmi architects‭

Interior Design‭: ‬Arch‭. ‬Dan Hasson‭, ‬Arch‭. ‬Yonathan Cohen‭ 

‬Contractor‭: ‬Arco Conservation&Restoration ltd‭. ‬Yotam Carmeli‭, ‬Tali Ollech-Eyal‭, ‬Ran‭ ‬Shapira‭

‬Conservation Advisor‭: ‬Arch‭. ‬Winfried Brenne‭ 

‬The conservation survey of the Liebling Haus‭: ‬Arch‭. ‬Winfried Brenne‭, ‬Arch‭. ‬Tal Eyal

Conservation Architect on behalf of Liebling Haus: Sharon Golan-Yaron

The Liebling Garden‭ ‬Design‭, ‬construction‭ ‬&‭ ‬maintenance‭: ‬CityTree‭ ‬&‭ ‬Onya Collective‭ 

‬Irrigation System‭: ‬Netafim Germany

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