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Exposure: The Front, Liebling Haus – White City Center

Video: Mickey Shubitz

Two weeks ago, the scaffolding has been taken off of the Liebling Haus’s front, revealing its spectacular façade to the whole neighborhood. “This reaffirms just how right we were in making the choice of carrying an open renovation process, engaging the professional milieu and the general public when deciding how to approach the conservation effort,” says Content Manager Sharon Golan-Yaron. “Healing the skin creases rather than performing open-heart surgery, that was our approach. Preserving the walls and the building’s character while taking care of the surface layers.”

“Having kept in storage inside the house, original color pigments and building materials of the 1930s will later be put on view. The Liebling Haus – White City Center will open up for debate the intrinsic social significance of this approach, and encourage and support future conservation efforts which will take a likewise approach.”

Video: Sharon Golan-Yaron, Professionals’ Tour, 06/28/19.


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