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The White City Center at the denkmal - Leipzig Conservation Fair

November 8-10

This month, we will present the Open for Renovation project at denkmal, the biannual trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation in Leipzig. The international conservation fair is a chance to present the Center and its activities to the global conservation community, discover new technologies in the field of conservation, and expand the circle of partners who support our bilateral workshops. The Open for Renovation project promotes conservation values, craftsmanship, and contemporary research, and reflects a meaningful goal of the Israeli-German effort to establish the White City Center in Tel Aviv. Our booth at the fair is inspired by the idea of ​​the open renovation, featuring a presentation of various materials and physical models, promoting traditional crafts and a sustainable vision of preservation, and hosting some of the German Meisters who participated in the workshops.

8.11 14:30-15:30 Opening speech by State Secretary Gunther Adler, BMI, and the Mayor of Leipzig, Dr. Burkhard Jung. Lectures by conservation architect Winfried Brenne, architect Sharon Golan-Yaron, and architect Sabrina Cegla. Discussion and overview by architect Jörg Haspel, chairman of ICOMOS Germany. The unveiling of the Liebling Stool - the first product created by participants in the Center’s conservation workshops, inspired by Open for Renovation. 9.11 14:15-16:00 ICOMOS Symposium on Education and Crafts: A lecture by architect Sharon Golan-Yaron, content manager of the White City Center, about the Open for Renovation project and practical conservation workshops at the Liebling House. A lecture by Eran Eizenhamer, director of the Educational Program of the White City Center, who will present the School of the City - a program we operate in schools in Tel Aviv for the second year. Visitors of the fair will have the opportunity to take part in meetings with the Center's staff, representatives of Arco - the contractor of the conservation of the Liebling House, and German Meisters who participate in the conservation project: architect Robert Huber, zukunftsgeraeusche GbR; Ulrich Wiegand, head of the Handwerkskammer Berlin; architect and paint expert Dr. Marlu Müller-Ortloff; and Dr. Norbert Hoepfer. Visit denkmal Leipzig website Download the booklet we prepared for the fair Design and curation: Sabrina Cegla

Content and production: Ellen Kugler, Annette Walter, Ulrike Maria Rose, architect Sharon Golan-Yaron, Efrat Goldmann, Gilad Shachar, Dr. Norbert Hoepfer, Dr. Marlu Müller-Ortloff

Marketing and Media coordinator: Moran Shambar

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