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60 minutes
Max & Tony Workshop at the Liebling Haus
30 ILS / 15 ILS for Digitel holders, discount code: דיגיתל11

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Illustrations: Rachel Kinrot

Bauhaus Original for the Whole Family

Illustrations: Rachel Kinrot

Bauhaus Original for the Whole Family

Photo: Yael Schmidt

An active tour of the White City

Postponed: Passover at Max&Tony Studio: Living in the city - The Circle and the Public Square

Let’s look at the circle’s location in the city. What is special about this shape? Where do we encounter circular motion? In the workshop, we will draw freehand circles, focusing on one of the most well-known roundabouts in town: Dizengoff Square. Then we will employ poetry, text, painting, and sketching to design a plaza.

The circle is an abstract, egalitarian, and endless geometric shape that appears in various contexts - from pizza to urban planning. Is it significant to urban planning, and what does it represent in reality and our imagination.
Kids and parents, join Living in the City workshops during April-May.

The workshops develop an aesthetic reflection on daily life, encouraging the study of our relationship with space - from the home to the city - through architecture, design, crafts, and art. The program promotes activism, deepens our connection to space, and offers tools for independent research. Living in the City invites people to observe their hometown, understand how they and others experience it, how it affects them, and how they interact with it.

Living in the City education program, co-developed with the Education Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, is operating in schools for the third year.

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