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Go to Town: Garden City

Biologist and town planner Sir Patrick Geddes’ urban-ecological utopia aspired to create a city that functions as a habitat where different lifeforms can coexist side by side. Did Geddes’ vision materialize in the White City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, how much did it contribute to the city’s urban feel, and is it possible to develop a future vision for Tel Aviv, one based on other values? Director of the Liebling Haus Shira Levy-Benyemini and CityTree’s Tami Zori guide a tour that begins at Bialik Square, with a brief overview of the highlights of the Geddes Plan and the application of the social principles of modern architecture in Tel Aviv-Jaffa; continues with a visit to CityTree, an example of sustainable concepts implemented in the city; and ends by the ecological garden of the Liebling Haus, designed and built with CityTree and Onya Collective.

Go to Town is a series of walking tours exploring different neighborhoods as case studies of contemporary issues in urban planning and development. The tours are guided by architects, consultants, planners, and experts of the Engineering Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality.

This activity is part of the Sustainability Month of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality - March 2020
Date & Time
3/20/20, 9:00 AM
90 minutes
Meeting Point
Liebling Haus
End Point
Allenby St.
45 ILS / 30 ILS for Digitel holders, discount code: דיגיתל9

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