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More than just Bauhaus

Due to weather conditions the tour will take place inside the Liebling Haus. Tel Aviv’s official urban contemporary tour. Learn all the city’s architectural secrets from certified experts. We will show you the gems lurking in the White City’s leafy lanes. We will explore the city’s different architectural styles and explain its unique urban fabric, which motivated UNESCO to declare The White City of Tel Aviv as a world heritage site for its unique modernistic urban landscape. We will demonstrate how the city’s distinctive contemporary conservation plan helps preserve this heritage, while allowing for development and modernization.
Tours start at the Liebling Haus, which houses the official municipal WHITE CITY CENTER.
Here you have the chance to enter the only archetypical residential “Bauhaus” building open to the public.
Our carefully selected and specially trained guides will lead you all the way to the hustle and bustle of the Rothshild boulevard, between many of Tel Aviv’s iconic buildings, creating Tel Aviv’s unique vibrant flair

* You can also book a Private Tour for a group (available in Hebrew, English, German, Russian, Franch, spenish and chinese) on request.
Date & Time
12/27/19, 9:00 AM
90 minutes
Meeting Point
Liebling Haus
End Point
Liebling Haus
30 ILS

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