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Go to Town: Kiryat HaMelacha

Designed in the 1960s by architects Yitzhak Rappaport and Zvi Frenkel and engineer Asher Gleiberman, Kiryat HaMelacha was an industrial zone for workshops and light industry, which up until then was spread throughout the city, causing disturbance to residential areas. While the new buildings offered a better working environment, the years-long neglect caused nearly half of them to be abandoned and repurposed. Recognizing its cultural, functional, and architectural significance, the Municipal Master Plan protects this unique area, adopting an urban concept that will allow it to continue to function as an industrial, crafts, and creative hub. Architect Adi Basis is on the Jaffa Planning Team of the City Planning Division, the Engineering Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality.
Date & Time
11/15/19, 10:00 AM
90 minutes
Meeting Point
Benyamini Center - 17 Ha’amal Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa
End Point
Kiryat HaMelacha
30 ILS

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Go to Town: Kiryat HaMelacha

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