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Mat Weaving Workshop in the Fifth Space

The Fifth Space is a rooftop installation featured as part of the Liebling Haus' Welcome to Re_Public exhibition. The shaded pavilion examines and redefines the concept of Public Space in a series of actions and events that will take place under it.

Join a mat weaving workshop on the weekend before the exhibition's opening, turning the Liebling Haus' rooftop into a meeting place, where joint action and hosting takes place. In the workshop, we weave mats that will become permanent furniture used by future visitors. The pavilion was built using repurposed sacks from another temporary shelter in Bialik Square. The bags were recycled, dismantled, and placed in a new way. We will weave the mats from plastic sheets that were left after dismantling the bags and natural ropes. This process allows us to intertwine weaving, recycling, and potential collaborative space - an invitation for visitors to take part and examine the thread that links connection, disconnection, belonging, and place.

Hadas Tuval is a multidisciplinary artist and designer operating within the boundaries of traditional and contemporary crafts, yarn, weaving, knots, patterns, body-based art, movement, and performance. She is a textile, space, and costumes designer and researches and teaches ancient crafts. The workshop is in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.
Date & Time
5/7/21, 7:00 AM
Liebling Haus
30 ILS

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