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The School of the City

בית ליבלינג - מרכז העיר הלבנה - סיור מגו

The School of the City is a space for doing, experimenting, and creative thinking, where architecture, design, urbanism, art, and crafts meet. Come to meet creators, get inspired, and make your ideas come true in a place that provides you both practical tools and theoretical knowledge. The School of the City offers a wide range of unique and exclusive multidisciplinary programs inspired by the Bauhaus School and developed by professionals experienced in architecture, design, education, crafts, and art. The lessons take place in small groups in the spacious, well-equipped studios of the Liebling Haus, at the heart of Tel Aviv.


Courses for Adult (Hebrew only)


The School of the City offers a wide variety of workshops designed to familiarize and deepen the general public’s knowledge with the worlds of architecture, design, art, and crafts in the spirit of the Bauhaus School. Our School promotes creative, multidisciplinary thinking, which recognizes the city as a space for learning, inspiration, and multi-sensory ingenuity. The School of the City believes that the city offers a solid foundation for learning and creativity that drives civic engagement with where we live. The special workshops we offer in the School of the City, developed by professionals experienced in architecture, design, education, crafts, and art, take place in the well-equipped studios of the Liebling Haus, at the heart of Tel Aviv.


Doing: Thinking - Classes for Children (Hebrew only)


The School of the City offers classes and workshops for curious children who want to invent, make, draw, plan, think creative thoughts, and better understand life in the city. The Doing-Thinking program for children focuses on creative thinking in the spirit of the Bauhaus School. Our workshops are guided by the philosophy of learning through doing, a pedagogical method that provides the children an opportunity to develop their skills by experimenting with various tools and materials and promoting agile, independent thought, self-confidence, and multidisciplinary perspective. The School of the City staff includes architects, artists, designers, and educators.


Olympus for Creators (Hebrew only)


Olympus is an innovative, out-of-this-world program for young artists who completed art, architecture, design, performance, and dance studies; people seeking a flexible, singular platform to develop, expand, and refine their creative work.


Our approach blends various tools, techniques, and vocabularies designed to expand your field of action and help you develop and refine your creative vision. We aim to create an innovative, creative learning experience, supporting creators in their journey to find and boldly pave their way in the world with curiosity, agility, and responsiveness. The pedagogical philosophy of the program is founded on equality, dialogue, and collaborative creation. We focus on valuable interactions, group studies, and experimental work, attentive to each participant’s individual tendencies and learning habits. There are no dull lectures or authoritarian, hierarchical reviews at Olympus.


Olympus features three main programs, each featuring a distinct learning method:

  • The Framework Program that focuses on perfecting working practices through meaningful, in-depth dialogue in a group of artists from different fields;

  • The Theme Program that highlights joint research and creation;

  • The Nuance Program offers an extraordinary personal learning adventure at home. These programs represent our mountain’s pinnacle, with two complementary programs across the ridge:

  1.  The Text Program polishes creators’ reading and writing skills;

  2. The Nectar Program offers a series of weekly meetings with interesting multidisciplinary creatives.


Developed by a team of educators, architects, artists, curators, designers, and artisans inspired by the Bauhaus School, Olympus’ framework and content offer an excitingly experimental and diverse learning experience.

The Olympus Team:  Maayan Mozes, Ana Wild, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Merav Kamel, Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, Yoni Raz Purtugali.



The School of the City Conference


The first School of the City Conference was held during April-June 2020 in a different format following the pandemic. Further information is available on the conference website.

Curator: Ana Wild,  Maayan Mozes, Eran Eizenhamer

Director and Curator: Architect Eran Eizenhamer


Writing and teaching: Tal Alperstein, Dana Mor, Maayan Mozes, Rotem Volk, Shir Moran, Kinneret Max, Haim Hakimyan, Ana Wild, Or Hertz, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Liran Shapiro.



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