The School

of the City

Kids or adults, already familiar with design and crafts or still dreaming about it - The School of the City is the place for everyone interested in their surroundings, who wants to build, draw, plan, study, and explore architecture and life in the city, who likes to talk about making, and wishes they could work with architects, designers, and artists.


We offer diverse experiential activities appropriate for kids and adults and provide the tools, the theoretical background, and practical assistance to accomplish your ideas.

The School of the City sees the urban environment as a space for active, spontaneous, and multi-sensory learning. A place for sharing knowledge, ideas, thoughts, skills, and experience. Our multidisciplinary approach of Learning by Doing combines theory, practice, and experimentation, facilitating collaboration among kids, adults, professionals, and the general public.


Architecture is more than just design and planning - it is art, technology, history, science, and philosophy. It embodies the characteristics of a city as a social, political, and economic space. It integrates functionality and aesthetics, combining vision and application. All these have an impact on our life in the city; on our living experience.


A book doesn't exist without a story, and a building doesn't exist without people. Architecture is about people and buildings, thinking about urbanism and residence. Architecture is the experience of space and place and its impact on the relationships between humans, fauna, and flora. Architecture is a language that enables us to sense and express our relation to space. We live in buildings, work, study, and eat inside them. And architecture is about the meaning and the way we live in the city.


Our team includes architects, designers, and artists working together to develop, write, and teach multidisciplinary programs. The School of the City offers lessons, walking tours, and workshops at the Liebling Haus and in schools throughout the city.

Director and Curator: Eran Eizenhamer

Pedagogical Coordinator: Rotem Volk

Writers and Instructors: Tal Alperstein, architect Dana Mor, Maayan Mozes, Rotem Volk, Shir Moran, Kinneret Max, Haim Hakimyan, Anna Wild, Ishai Shapira Kalter, Orr Herz

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29 Idelson St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

+ 972 3743 1025

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Opening Times‭ ‬

Sun‭-‬Thu 8:00-17:00
Fri 8:00-14:00

Sat 10:00-16:00

Free Entrance

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