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Group Tours

Would you like to give visitors from abroad a chance to experience Tel Aviv-Yafo from a slightly different angle? Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity for a group of architecture enthusiasts? Interested in organizing an extraordinary company event for your employees? We have the perfect solution: private tours for groups. Our tour guides have a background in architecture and urbanism.


The Historic Heart - Bialik Square: A Taste of Modernism, a Touch of History

Bialik Square, home of national poet Hayim Nahman Bialik, is the historical heart of Tel Aviv and one of its main heritage sites. The square is surrounded by buildings of historical, cultural, and urban significance, designed by leading architects during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s - architectural gems that demonstrate the evolution of the local style.

The tour begins at The Liebling Haus - White City Center, a multidisciplinary project dedicated to the modernist architecture of the White City.

Meeting point: 29 Idelson St. (Liebling Haus)

End point: 56 Mazeh St.


The Vibrant Boulevard - Rothschild Boulevard and its Surroundings

The bustling boulevard is the main artery leading to the cultural heart of the city - Habima Square. The boulevard is one of the first four streets of Tel Aviv and plays a major role in its urban development. Many notable buildings stand along Rothschild Boulevard, including former homes of municipal and national leaders, where significant historical events such as the Israeli Declaration of Independence had taken place. An economic and business hub adorned with skyscrapers towering over listed buildings, Rothschild Boulevard is an example of the coexistence of historic conservation and accelerated urban development. During the tour along the street, we will observe the evolution of local architecture, and see how the fusion of eclectic, international, and brutalist styles reveals the geographical, social, and cultural story of the city.

Meeting point: 29 Idelson St. (Liebling Haus)

End point: Habima Square


The Fringe - Florentin: An Alternative to UNESCO

The southern neighborhood of Florentin borders the UNESCO White City zone. In the late 1990s, the neighborhood experienced a regeneration, when the relatively low rents compared to the city center attracted young people captivated by its rough charm. The tour of Florentin reveals the unique architectural, commercial, and social diversity of the neighborhood, where international style buildings stand next to eclectic architecture; the streets are divided into different professions (spices, toys, fashion wholesale, etc.); and vibrant historical markets are surrounded by trendy restaurants and bars.

Meeting point: 5-7 Saadia Gaon St. (at the park)

End point: Florentine St., Cnr. Washington Boulevard

Tour of the Liebling Haus 

A tour of the Liebling Haus, where we explain what makes the building a prime example of international style architecture, listen to the stories of former residents and examine if and how contemporary architecture managed to preserve the spirit of the place. The tour includes a visit to the exhibitions on display at the Liebling Haus, exploring fundamental aspects of the history and everyday life in the White City.
Duration: 90 minutes 

Location: Liebling Haus 




Daytime Tour: 1,400 ILS 

Evening tour (after 18:00), Saturdays, or holidays: 1,500 ILS 

A tour guided by an architect / urban planner: 1,600 ILS 

Tour of the Liebling Haus: 300 ILS for up to five people; an additional 60 ILS per person for larger groups


* Prices may change from time to time

* Payment is in New Israeli Shekels only

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