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Classes Visit the Liebling Haus

Visit the Liebling Haus and its surroundings as an introduction to White City architecture. Activities include Bauhaus workshops and tours, where we learn about urbanism, architecture, the materials that make up our buildings, and their effect on the city and our lives.


What is the White City? What is Bauhaus?

What is Bauhaus and how it relates to Tel Aviv. The tour explores the city's design and development, introducing students to the White City and international style buildings (aka Bauhaus). The tour begins at The Liebling Haus - White City Center.


Architecture 101

The workshop examines the connection between the city, the building, and our body through room design: we examine light and air, the planned uses of the room, does it suit us, and the design aspects that are important to us.


The City – Writing and Designing an Urban Magazine

Design a magazine that expresses each student's perspective. We experiment with collages, learn about existing methods to present text and images, and produce a magazine featuring the students' work.


Welcome to the Bauhaus

Experiment with classic crafts, design, architecture, and art exercises of the Bauhaus school that remain relevant to this day. We will learn about the guiding principles of the Bauhaus and discuss the similarities and differences between the iconic institution and our school.

The tours and workshops are appropriate for primary/middle/high school students.


Duration: 90 minutes (one tour and one workshop).


Price: 20 ILS per person and activity / 35 ILS for the whole day (about 3.5 hours).


Minimum Participants: 25 people (including three adults free of charge).


Offering included in the Urban Culture Services.


For details and reservations:

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