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AmphiTV Presents: Political Tour & Workshop

You're welcome to join us for an active political tour at the Liebling Haus' Amphi during the election month. We will watch and discuss the featured works: Amphi (Aya Zeiger, Anna Wilde, and Eran Eizenhamer), Headstand (Maayan Mozes), and a segment of a 1970s interview with political activist and author Angela Davis (from the film, The Black Power Mixtape). The following discussion will focus on the role of political discourse in the Israeli public sphere, specifically as part of the election process. The second part of the activity includes a speech workshop held at the Amphi, inviting participants to experiment with various rhetorical techniques - speaking, writing, and presenting - and express their honest political statement as part of an articulate speech that avoids typical rhetoric.

Duration: 180 minutes
Tour guides: Maayan Mozes and Eran Eizenhamer
Date & Time
3/12/21, 8:00 AM
Liebling Haus
60 ILS

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