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Updating the Master Plan

14.9.2023 - 4.5.2024

Opening event: Thursday, 14.9.23, 20:00

Updating the Master Plan in collaboration with the Unit for Strategic Planning, Engineering Administration, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality.

The Master Plan is a legal document that outlines the planning policy for the medium and long-term development of the physical aspects of the city. It covers housing, employment, transportation, open spaces, commerce, and public buildings. The plan sets the framework for what can and cannot be done in the city.

Master Plan updates are part of the urban planning procedure to comply with the vision for the city and the municipal strategic plan. The Urban Master Plan TA/5000 was initially approved in 2016. It defined a general, all-encompassing long-term planning policy for the entire city. Updating the plan gives it its fine-tuning and maintains its relevance in changing circumstances and concerning urban, national, and global trends.

The Urban Master Plan is ranked below regional and national plans that refer to infrastructure on a larger scale, such as the metro or light train. However, constructing a residential building or kindergarten requires a detailed plan for obtaining a building permit. These plans are ranked below the Master Plan and must observe the framework it charts, as it is the means to realize the overall vision of the city’s development.

In the months when the exhibition is presented at the Urban Planning Lounge, the Master Plan will be deposited to the regional committee and made available for public review through a process of “objections.” Being familiar with the plan allows for formal reviews to be submitted during the deposition and for an active and involved role in ensuring that the detailed plans derived from it adhere to the Master Plan's principles and have an ongoing influence on urban development processes.

The exhibition showcases the Master Plan’s central issues, the various elements of its update, and the special updates for every area in the city. Alongside it is the work Bare Emotions created by Dr. Maya Shmailov. This participatory art project emphasizes the critical role of personal agency in urban planning. In an era in which emotions, as opposed to facts, are truth, viewers are invited to reveal their feelings about the future of urban planning – without filters, analysis, and interpretations – only emotions in their raw state.

Dr. Maya Shmailov is an artist and scholar in the science of technology and society. She is active as a patent attorney specializing in technology and design. Her research focuses on novel technologies and design as generators of change.

Exhibition team:
Urban Planning Lounge Curator – Arch. Anat Levy
CEO and Artistic Director: Shira Levy-Benyemini
Content and Professional Advice: The Unit for Strategic Planning
Text Editor: Zipa Kempinsky
Translation: Sagit Porat
Language Development and Mini-site – We Amor
Graphic Design: Stav Axenfeld

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