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Rerun / AmphiTV Presents: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 A Film by Göran Olsson

A documentary by Swedish director Göran Hugo Olsson following the Black Panthers Party's development, as documented and shown on Swedish television in the 1970s. Many issues examined in the film remain relevant today: the politicization of criminal trials, prisoners' human rights, police surveillance and intervention in civil struggles, the link between militarism and racism, and the crucial role of critical journalism.
92 minutes. English without Hebrew translation.

Amphi TV was established as part of the exhibition "Welcome to the Re_Public" which is currently on display at the Liebling Haus, which deals with the public space. In the coming months, we plan to hold meetings, lectures, and performances in the Liebling Haus Amphi, screen video arts, and run a live broadcast studio.

For more details and to watch the film The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 visit the amphitheater page on the exhibition website:
Date & Time
3/21/21, 8:00 PM
AmphiTV (Online)
Free admission

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