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What makes a city resilient? What kind of human structures enable a community's sense of belonging?

What makes it able to contain and create a feeling of security? What means can it offer to regenerate? These are the main topics of the Summit as part of the New European Bauhaus Satellite Event, which will take place in the Liebling Haus. We will invite both the local and international community, professional planners, designers and artists as well as policy makers to an interplay of urban resilience practices.


The Days of Practicing Urban Resilience will offer a wide range of hybrid panel discussions and interactive talks as well as multi-sensory experiences and workshops focussing on the wellbeing of individuals to engage in the future planning discourse. Our aim is to raise the potential of the city as an ecosystem for creating structures that promote resilience. During the summit, we will learn methods and tools that strengthen a city's adaptability and resilience to future crises and promote our collective wellbeing.


Conflicts fuelled by economic inequality, ideological extremes and climate change and moreover the terrorist attackare also pivot points of  paradigm shift. In the search for "resilience resources", the Summit programme itself becomes action research on what emerges in a city after a crisis. Through art, culture and participatory experiences, we aim to highlight different perspectives, needs and ideas of the future city and its community and discuss what it means to be a resilient city and resilient citizens in times of war.

About the New European Bauhaus Festival

The New European Bauhaus Festival – where imagination meets sustainability and inclusivity for a beautiful future!

We are taking part in the festival organized by the European Commission in collaboration with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union as a guest institution and are engaging in an exchange of visions with people from Brussels and around the world.


The festival around the globe: find all participating satellite events here! 

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