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From the Research Lab: Whose City? / Movie and Online Discussion

Sharon Golan-Yaron, content director of the Liebling Haus (and a Berliner in spirit), hosts director of the film Whose City? Hans Christian Post, and former director of the Bauhaus Foundation Prof. Philipp Oswalt, for a conversation about municipal politics, fascist architecture, conservation and heritage vs. development, urban identity, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and more. The event includes a lecture and a screening of the film as part of our collaboration with Epos Festival - the International Art Film Festival.
Access to the film is only possible for viewers in Israel due to copyright restrictions. People outside of Israel are welcome to join in by signing-up for the online lecture and the following discussion.

The film will only be available for viewing from Sunday at 20:00 until Tuesday at 20:00, and we recommend watching it before the discussion. Click here to watch the trailer:

About the film: Berlin is a complicated city, partially destroyed during World War II and reunited after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The unification of east and west in the early 1990s generated a bitter, passionate debate about the capital’s character; how do you rebuild a city, particularly one whose past conflicts are not yet fading memories? A long list of architects and urban planners talk about the process of rebuilding the city that continues to this day, recalling the major debates that gave rise to Berlin’s diverse architecture. Is the past worthy of preservation? Should we ignore not only the Second World War but the entire twentieth century? Is it better to create something new and progressive or try to echo the grandeur of the past? These questions lead to others, and the discussion - highlighted by the camera’s journey throughout the city - is fascinating and relevant not only to those who love Berlin and will captivate anyone who lives in an urban environment.

Director: Hans Christian Post | Germany & Sweden, 2017 | 53 minutes | German & English, Hebrew subtitles
Date & Time
12/21/20, 6:00 PM
40 ILS

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