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NEW BABYLON A lecture by Constant ICA London 1963

A short performance re-enactment of Constant's lecture at the London Institute of Contemporary Art in 1963.
New Babylon is a city plan designed to fulfill the desires of the free person, proposing new, creatively passionate architecture. Dutch artist Constant spent 20 years developing and devising New Babylon - he prepared models, blueprints, collages, sound clips, paintings, and drawings presented in a series of international lectures and exhibitions.
The lecture, which will be re-enacted at the Liebling Haus, offers a conceptual and physical description of New Babylon and explores the artist's role as a generator of new and exciting ideas and the possibility of experiencing everyday life in the city as art.

The event is part of Constant's 101st birthday celebration, for more information:

Meshi Olinky and Eran Eizenhamer.
Producer: Olga Stadnyuk
Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports
Date & Time
9/25/21, 5:00 PM
Liebling Haus
25 ILS

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