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Eco Design

8.9.23 - 9.12.23

Italian Sustainable Design: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

8 September – 9 December 2023
Opening: Friday, 8 September, 11 am

Liebling Haus with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura are happy to host an exhibition dedicated to sustainable Italian design in Tel Aviv. The exhibition, which traveled in recent years in many cities worldwide, presents dozens of objects and products created by Italian designers who suggest original ideas and production methods for design based on recycling, reusing, and reducing – the three main principles of sustainable design.
During the exhibition, we will be marking 100 years since the birth of the Italian writer Italo Calvino with events in the spirit of his essay Six memos for the Next Millennium. Together we will explore the vast potential of qualities suggested by Calvino as guiding principles and values for contemporary art design and creation.

The events:
- Active tours of the exhibition led by local designers and artists, in which we will examine and discuss the various qualities evoked in the display. Advanced registration and payment are required.
- An evening of lectures by the architect Fulvio Irace and architect from the Renzo Piano building workshop (RPBW) on light as a sustainable quality in architecture. Open registration.
- A workshop focused on the qualities elaborated by Calvino: lightness, speed, precision, visibility, multiplicity, and consistency as current values in design and art. The six workshop meetings will be led by the creators Yaacov Kaufman, Oded Webman, Tal Alperstein, Maayan Mozes, Maayan Elyakim, Mor Kadishzon, and Dana Prives. The workshop is part of the Olympus study program for creators in collaboration with the Israeli professional visual artist association.

Exhibition curator: Silvana Annicchiarico
Graphic design: Bruno Morello
Curator Liebling Haus and exhibition design: Eran Eizenhamer and Tsuf Bar-On.
Tours and workshop: Roni Raviv
Translation: Sivan Raveh
Text editing: Yoni Raz Portugali

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