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Lyla Lyla -
Nurit Agozi Weiner


Every night, when I was singing a lullaby in my daughter’s room, I imagined other mothers doing the same thing. Lyla Lyla (Night Night) is a sound installation for a choir of women who – alone and together – sing Pizmon La’Yalinton (Song for the Hyacinth). Written by Lea Goldberg and composed by Rivka Gvili, the song has been sung by Mothers for 80 years.
The work consists of a composition of recordings. Nurit Agozi Weiner recorded 13 women, each in the bedroom where she puts her kids to sleep. The work sets the gaze on one among many everyday acts – a moment of dedication to the song, falling asleep, the last moment of the day before leaving the children’s room and returning to yourself. The composition places the mothers in one space – individually, as a duet, a trio, or a choir. It demonstrates the hive, the invisible ties, and the connections between all mothers. It gives a visual image to the choir of mothers while also showing each mother in her loneliness.

Participants: Ifat Alica Adar, Ayelet Albenda, Nurit Agozi Weiner, Maayan Regev Bellely, Roni Ben Gal, Amit Goldstein, Nomi Zysblat, Galia Hai, Avital Cnaani, Kineret Haya Max, Maya Felixbrodt, Moran Aizen, Maayan Moses Platnic.
Music production and sound installation: Maya Felixbrodt; graphic design: Ran Malul and Tali Liberman; technical production: Dotan Brand; Mix and Master: Dotan Brand, Daniel Slabosky; text editing: Yoni Raz Portugali; curator: Eran Eizenhamer

Duration: 10:45 min
27.12-13.1, Liebling Haus, floor 2, apart. 5
First play: 27 December 7PM

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