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Updating the Master Plan

14.09.2023 - 04.05.2024

The urban master plan outlines the long-term planning policy for the entire city. It presents a visionary approach and includes how the city will develop in the coming years, and addresses the various aspects of human life in the city: housing, employment, transportation, open spaces, commerce, public buildings, climate, and more.

These days the current master plan TA/5000, which was first approved in 2016, is being updated and this is an opportunity to deepen familiarity with the plan and its components and to be exposed to the various ways in which one can participate and influence it.

During the months of May-June 2023, the plan and regional updates will be presented at a traveling exhibition in eight different locations throughout the city, culminating in an exhibition at the City Planning Lounge in Leibling Haus. As part of the exhibition, the work of Dr. Maya Shmailov, which reflects the feelings of residents in relation to the plan - collected during the traveling exhibition, will be presented .

Emotions Revealed

"Emotions Revealed" is a participatory art project by Dr. Maya Shmeilov, highlighting the crucial role of personal agency in urban planning. In the era where emotions and not facts are the new truth, viewers are invited to reveal their true emotions regarding the future of urban planning. No filters, no analyses, no processing. Only raw emotions as they are.

The project consists of two parts: First, the project accompanies a mobile exhibition by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, with eight different locations throughout the city. Residents of the selected areas will have the opportunity to add their emotions in the form of notes to their comments regarding the future of city planning. The second part of the project will be presented at the Liebling Haus, where the visitors are invited to choose a petal from the flower of emotions that best reflects their emotional response and write down the associated feeling thereon. The collection of titles will be displayed on the central wall of the Urban Planning Lounge. Finally, the collection of emotions will be presented to the city municipality, with the exhibition closing at the Liebling Haus, allowing the emotions of the city's residents to be shared in a raw and unfiltered form.

This work is a mediator rather than a solution that enables individuals to create a more personal connection with the city. The goal of the project is to increase civic engagement and sensitivity by allowing residents to experience their relationship with the city in a different way.

Dr. Maya Shmailov is an artist, researcher and intellectual property attorney, born in Tbilisi, Georgia and living in Tel Aviv.

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