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Summer at the Liebling Haus Residency Apartment: Réverie


Group exhibition and launch of the second issue of Kama fanzine
Artists: Bracha L. Ettinger, Shay Alfia, Pesi Girsch, Carmit Hassine, Mayan Toledo, Adili Liberman, Yaara Zach, Lihi Turjeman

The exhibition in the historical residential apartment coincides with the launch of the second issue of Kama fanzine that deals with the question: How do I heal? In the exhibition, this question transitions from the fanzine pages into the apartment rooms, seeking to experience a comforting space and perhaps also the healing of society’s ills, through our own individual healing. Through the artworks on display, the curators-editors offer an invitation to revisit the idea of healing and to dwell in its dreamwork nature.

Wandering through the apartment might not reveal an answer to the question. Instead, visitors might find a suggestion to rethink healing as a process with no beginning or end and perhaps there is no need to seek them. Healing might be a kind of illusion, existing alongside life; an ongoing journey with moments of pain as well as acceptance, tranquility and routine. The apartment invites visitors to daydream, to move from the balcony to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to move from the horrific to the fantastic and back to the ordinary. At times, the space seems like an ill-healing body, dismantled yet joined together, as a place where visitors can see through as well as be seen. A place that allows the in-between-ness, the dreaming-while-waking and the encounter with our ungathered pieces.

Exhibition curators: Michal Sever and Koral Dvir
Project curator at the Liebling Haus Residency Apartment: Shira Levy Benyemini
Designer and producer: Anat Levy

The exhibition is supported by the Program for Gender Equality in Culture and Art, led by the Administration for Social Durability and Equality at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Department for Community, Culture and Sport

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