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The Residency Hosts: Signs | Naomi Farran


The Residency Hosts: The Liebling Haus Residency apartment hosts local artists for site-specific solo exhibitions. First to share the apartment are the artists Naomi Faran and Adi van Velsen. The new exhibition.

Signs by Naomi Farran, focuses on the home and its residents. The displayed paintings document the materials and colors that Faran, a professional interior designer, meticulously collected over the years.
These elements served as expressive tools for creating beneficial domestic spaces. In Faran's work, the architectural backbone is a recurring element and the foundation for her attention to details, symbols, forms, and colors. Additionally, her focus on space and form allows her to express her inner world as an artist, including emotions and thoughts that go beyond simply documenting the domestic space but also pay attention to the feelings it evokes in those present within it. The current exhibition reflects Faran's transition from architectural planning to creating abstract art, in which details and colors are connected to emotions and are constantly infused with new meaning.

Curator: Yifat-Sarah Pearl
Production: Tsuf Bar On
Graphic design: Tal Liberman
Mounting: Aya Zaiger

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