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Model Building Exhibition - Opening: September 19, 2019

The Model Building - a permanent exhibition scheduled to open on September 19, 2019 - will feature the ideas and materials that make up the Liebling House, one of approximately 4,000 international style buildings located in Tel Aviv-Yafo. The exhibition will provide information about the White City, its history and characteristics before going on city tours, introducing visitors to local modernism, conservation approaches, building methods, and climate planning, as well as issues of urbanism, migration, city living, and life at the house.

The exhibition will extend over dozens of interest points throughout the Liebling House - from the entrance hall to the rooftop - inviting visitors to discover, reflect, and study various original architectural elements accompanied by audio clips. The exhibition will present the cultural, social, economic, political, and personal contexts of the building from the 1930s until today while examining the future of planning and living in the city.

Visiting the Liebling House would be as intimate as visiting a home. The future White City Center will guide visitors as they venture out of the personal space of the apartment to the public sphere represented by the building - with its numerous stories and narratives - and out into the city itself.

Curator: Liya Kohavi Click here to read an interview with conservation architect Ori Goor, who views the Liebling House as an endless learning laboratory.


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