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Garden City Tour

Back to business with an urban Shavuot celebration: A garden tour&Toni Liebling's cheesecake at the Lieb Kafe.
Biologist and town planner Sir Patrick Geddes’ urban-ecological utopia aspired to create a city that functions as a habitat where different lifeforms can coexist side by side. Did Geddes’ vision materialize in the White City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, how much did it contribute to the city’s urban feel, and is it possible to develop a future vision for Tel Aviv, one based on other values? Director of the Liebling Haus Shira Levy-Benyemini and CityTree’s Tami Zori guide a tour that begins at Bialik Square, with a brief overview of the highlights of the Geddes Plan and the application of the social principles of modern architecture in Tel Aviv-Jaffa; continues with a visit to CityTree, an example of sustainable concepts implemented in the city; and ends by the ecological garden of the Liebling Haus, designed and built with CityTree and Onya Collective.
Date & Time
5/29/20, 8:00 AM
90 minutes
Meeting Point
Liebling Haus
End Point
Sold out

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