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Canceled: More Than Bauhaus

Join the Liebling Haus’ most popular tour, and discover the secrets of the White City with architect Sharon Golan Yaron: a mix of history, contemporary conservation, and international style architecture. During the tour, we will uncover gems found in leafy side-streets or hiding in plain sight throughout the squares and outskirts of the White City. We will learn the difference between architectural styles, and appreciate the unique urban fabric, which prompted UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage Site. Walking and observing the buildings, you will have a chance to understand how contemporary municipal conservation plans balance the preservation of the built heritage with necessary urban development. The tour begins with a visit to the exhibitions at the Liebling Haus, a typical international style residential building.

* We offer private group tours on request; tours are available in Hebrew, English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Activities In accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines. Care must be taken to wear masks, maintain distance and personal hygiene.
The tour is subject to a minimum of subscribers.
Date & Time
8/28/20, 8:00 AM
90 minutes
Meeting Point
Liebling Haus
End Point
Rotshild Blvd.
60 ILS Includes a cup of coffee at the LIEB KAFE

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